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I'm Marcy, a digital designer based in Los Angeles with a focus on Mailchimp! Need a Mailchimp template that matches your website?  I'll create an editable template you and your team can re-use.  Don't have a website?  We can build one on Mailchimp, too.   Mailchimp’s features, integrations, and price point make it easier to start and grow your business all from one place.

As a proud Mailchimp partner, I'm here to help you grow your business using email marketing, social ads, landing pages, and websites.


Excellent design, layout, Mailchimp. Work after hours and was great working with Marcy. I can't wait to hire Marcy again for our next job! Marcy made great suggestions and understood our direction to our clients.
Marcy was so great to work with. She’s creative, responsive, and friendly. I can’t recommend her work highly enough!
Marcy is amazing to work with - the fastest turnaround possible and she is able to intuit the designs we want from just a few suggestions and minimal guidance. Great skills!


Win a free template!

Even though I design emails for a living, I hardly send any of my own. 😬
But you can still sign-up for email alerts to enter to win a custom Mailchimp template for your brand :)